Welcome to the thousand-year old City of Cori!

The ancient Cora rises on a hilly area on the western side of the Lepini Mountains, overlooking the vast Pontine Plain, towards the sea.

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The archaeological data help us to document the attendance from the Middle Bronze Age (14th century B.C. and) and hypothesize a stable settlement at least from the early Iron Age (X-IX century B.C. C.), built on the top of the hill. However, it is in the Archaic age that the site is urbanistically structured and equipped with the mighty I manner polygonal walls, dated at the beginning of the fifth century B.C. and impressive terraces, on which the different urban sectors were organized, connected by major roads: the Forum, the acropolis and the main worship areas.


During the II and I century BC, following the economic development coming from the Mediterranean commerce, the city renewed its monumental apparatus in a Hellenistic way by expanding the terraced areas, building new templar buildings, like the temple called “of Hercules” on the acropolis and restoring those already existing, such as the temple of the Dioscuri, strengthening the defensive system with the addition of towers and creating new and challenging infrastructure.

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The ancient urban heritage constrained the development of the city during the next centuries: obliterating, reusing and replacing the existing one, they found original architectural and urban solutions, which led to the creation of small squares, narrow alleys and arcaded streets, the construction of many churches and palaces, giving the medieval and modern city a turreted and unpaved look , which can still be admired walking through the historic center.

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