Scoprire Cori

Sito ufficiale del Turismo della Città di Cori


The City and Territory Museum offers guests, in the cloister of St. Oliva and in the rooms of the Augustinian convent, a rich collection of finds that will tell you a fascinating story, if you would like to listen to it …

Cori’s visit won’t be complete without the Museum of the city and the territory, inaugurated in 2000. The entrance is worth even just for the structure that hold it: the Augustinian convent with its magnificent cloister. Please don’t stop here or you won’t enjoy the surprises that the museum has in store for visitors. Everything you saw walking through the streets of the city, takes shape and makes sense, in here, letting the imagination run wild.

The reconstructions of the temples of Hercules and the Dioscuri in all their ancient splendor, faces of veiled women found in the temple of Hercules, fragments of the imposing statues of Castor and Pollux belonging to the temple of the Dioscuri, the polychrome basins of St. Oliva tower bell, a reproduction of the porphyry Minerva found in the forum (the original is in Campidoglio square in Rome), a monumental Corinthian capital recently found, remains of the archaic temple of Caprifico (Cisterna di Latina), bronzes and ceramics from the necropolis and the votive deposit of Caracupa-Valvisciolo (Sermoneta) are just some of the wonders of the collection. And again, ancient coins, information about the landscape, videos, inscriptions, models, archival documents contribute to tell the history of the city and its territory through 35 centuries, with over 1000 square meters of surface.

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